The project consists of 2 main parts:


Minitel ESP32 board by iodeo

Good ressources are available on : 

Software:   Minitel library by eserandour

Huge thank you!


ChatGPT Client For Arduino by 0015 Eric 

Thanks a lot too!


My code is maybe dirty, but it kind of works.

First, you need to create an API key on OpenAI / ChatGPT website (in your account -> API keys -> Create new secret key)

Then, paste the key into the config part of the code at the beginning. You need to have credits on yout OpenAI account to get and use the key, but you can credit only 5$ for instance.

The code could be improved, because my version is not really responsive and lot responses from ChatGPT are scrolled.

Code is available on github.

Do not hesitate to propose modifications and improvements!