A project log for Primary Buffer Panel v2

A glorified DIY joystick controller with an LCD (‘MFD’) and plenty of RGB.

beko-pharmBeko Pharm 5 days ago0 Comments

The 3D design was followed by months of doing nothing 😩 until I realized that this would go nowhere without starting. So I found myself sitting down each evening and work on some mock-ups. Even if it was only for one or two hours. At some point would my kids show up and ask questions or hand me tools. Who would have guessed.

It payed off that I went with mock-ups first. Even with a rough 3D model I run into several small issues that had to be corrected.

For the Mock-Up I had to export my 3D model somehow first. After messing with various online converters, that all failed to produce a usable result from exported OBJ files I eventually found out that Wings3D has an export to STL built in. Man did I feel stupid. From there I imported the STL into Inkscape and added various A4 papers to the scene to print everything and tape it together. This was the first time that I got an actual idea of the dimensions and wondered what I did get myself into.

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