Level II ballistic plates are the best option for low-cost protection against most handgun threats. The Rimelig Ballistic Plates are designed to fit into backpacks, messenger bags, and vests. They are made from imported p-Aramid Fibers and are cut, assembled, and assembled in the United States. This means you can be sure that your soft armor will be manufactured with the highest standards of quality. Here are some of the best products for your money:

Body armor is important in combat situations, but not all types of body armor are created equal. For example, bullets have a blunt force on the human body. Soft body armor is designed to deal with this energy. It flexes and bends to distribute the force. The resulting deformation forces force the bullet to reorient itself and transfer its momentum to the sides. That means that a sprayed bullet will be slowed down and deflected.

While both types of body armor protect a wearer, the effectiveness of soft armor will depend on the specific situation. For instance, if the bullet strikes a body armor panel, the clay tray will bend to make a dent. The deeper the dent, the more trauma it causes to the wearer. When the clay is shattered, the broader the dent is. This results in a higher trauma rating.