• CAN-BUS Shield has arrived!

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    CAN-BUS Shield has arrived!

  • Scania 144 Switches

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    UPDATE 09-11-2015:

    Currently I`m working on sorting out how the original Scania Dashboard equipment works. With the help of the Arduino community and Sim enthusiast we hope to find out all the pin layouts so we can use all parts in the Truck Simulator. Any help we can get is welcome! We need people writing code for Arduino to get the feedback of switches into ETS2. We also need people who want to work on Fritzing manuals for the Dashboard and Polo 6R cockpit.

  • CAN-BUS Truck Simulator

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    My project is about a Truck Simulator with a real Scania 144 (4-series) Dashboard and Steer sponsored by Vostruckparts Hedel The Netherlands.

    This project is started by Leon Bataille (inspired by Silas Parker) when he found a way to use VW Can-Bus equipment on a Truck Simulator with a Can-Bus shield and Arduino board. I joined the project because I strongly believe that end-users like to use old easy access parts of modern vehicles to build a simulator.

    Me myself haven’t driven a truck in years but I used to be a trucker in the past. Today I`m doing tech support for home automations systems and in the past I used to do Flight Simulators with real airplane hardware. Back in the days when I worked on plane simulators, I realized that the equipment was hard to get and way too expensive to build home simulator for end-users. Now that people like Leon and Silas Parker paved the way to access cheap simulator hardware, I strongly believe there is a future for this purpose. Can-bus hardware is cheap and easy to get and replace and the opportunities are endless! Let’s rock the world of simulators together and take a huge step into the future!