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Finger Teleporter

Farting Baselball

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Self-solving Rubik's Cube This is an article written by me. Smart3: The Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube

Getting Another Body


Remote Overseas Travel

Human Controller

Rolling Sandwich Man

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Mitsuru Yamada wrote 08/29/2023 at 23:20 point

Thank you for liking and following my #PERSEUS-9 2023 Update! The entire development of this computer took about four years, but I tried to summarize the development contents of the past year in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Human Controller wrote 08/30/2023 at 00:23 point

I found it interesting that it looks a generation older than the other PCs submitted to Cyberdeck 2023. I thought that the reaming work of the key holes was good. I'm not good at that.

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Mitsuru Yamada wrote 08/30/2023 at 09:50 point

Thank you for reading my project article. With ordinary aluminum sheet, the cross section of hand reaming would be dirty, but with this die-cast case, the cross section of the hole is very clean. This is one of the main reasons why I use die-cast cases.

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